Wayne Tessendorf

“Dan as coach is Awesome! He is dedicated to his craft and treats you as an individual not a number.”

Highlights: 3 Cranes challenge and Karkloof 50 & 100 miler

Murray Burger

“We all have goals, or at least we should all have goals! This is one of the fundamentals Athlete X is built on and the reason it’s like no other fitness programme. Seldom do people have the opportunity to commit to their goals in the form of endurance races, let alone an event every month that most people would consider completing as an annual achievement. This is X.

Having started the One80 programme in late 2017, I was always motivated to be a part of the X crew I saw training around the gym. Without hesitation I joined from 2018 and it’s simply become a way of life. Whether it’s intense training for a specific discipline or pushing myself beyond the limit in an event, there is nothing quite like the X rush. From ascending impossible climbs, rock hopping trails to flowing single-track these are just a few of the dreams I’ve been able to realise.

Dan’s vision, commitment and dedication to training the team is the reason X is it what it is. I’m excited to see what’s in store next!”

Highlights: Expedition Africa

Shaun Lamont

“There is no better opportunity to challenge yourself with like minded individuals by joining the AthleteX team. You are never alone – you train together and finish together. I have had the opportunity to partake and complete events I never thought possible, thanks to Dan’s progressing and alternate thinking and training program with results that are self explanatory. You start out by doing 5km at a stretch and then land up running Monties in that same year! Then onto the next marathon, bike or ultra event.”

Highlights: Mont-Aux Source Challenge

Wanri Venter

“The AthleteX programme has brought a different dimension to my training. It has helped take my training to another level. The best part of the programme is the camaraderie between the whole group. It doesn’t matter which event you are doing, you can feel the support carry you through it. As an international umpire I needed to be fit all year round and the focus of events during each month has helped me stay fit. I no longer have to worry about doing fitness test or even preparing for them as I am always fit an ready to go. I have loved the fact that the programme has a mix of road running, trail running, road cycling and mountain bike riding. It helps keep it exciting with no boredom.

Dan is the best trainer I have experienced by far. He is brilliant with ensuring that our techniques are 100% while training and there is no time to slack when he is around. Each session is designed with a goal in mind. As soon as you take the foot off the gas he is there to encourage you and make sure that you strive for more. He deals with each client as an individual and helps them improve their weakness. The energy and creativity he brings to each session is incredible. He is great at adjusting programs to suit each individual and helps each client set realistic, achievable goals. Dan is also really good at making sure that you listen to your body. His focus on quality training rather than quantity training has suited me perfectly”.

Highlights: Karkloof 50 Miler

Vivian Wetherston

“Joining Athlete X has improved my overall physical and mental fitness. I have tried new things, met the most supportive teammates, pushed my body out of my comfort zone, hated it and loved it simultaneously, and achieved things that I never thought I was capable of. I’m so glad to be a part of this team!”

Highlights: Mont-Aux Source Challenge

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